We can come and take measurements of your house and prepare complete “permit-ready” drawings (from scratch) showing the changes that you are planning to make. The drawings that we prepare would include all architectural, structural and building code related specifications needed so that you can apply for and obtain a building permit for your project. If your project has a large aesthetic design component, then you may also want to hire an Architect or Interior Designer as well, but these professionals are usually not required for most of the home renovations and additions that we design. Our in house Architectural Technologists can provide you with the design advice that you need.
If you are not changing the exterior of the house, then we only need to draw-up the basic floor plans (see “Interior Renovations”) , but if you are changing the exterior (creating new opening, enlarging existing opening, addition etc.), then we need to prepare both floor plans and exterior elevation drawings of your house, and also check local zoning by-laws to make sure that you are allowed to build your project. To prepare full permit drawings, we will also need you to provide us with a survey of your property, showing the property lines and location of adjacent buildings.

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